Fragmented around the world, everyone has unique perspectives and experiences. 

How you interpret information varies vastly with the context surrounding it

Most of us have never truly been free

BUT if you can access this message, you have privileges 


For me, NFTS have been the gateway to understanding the power in self sovereignty.

I was looking for decentralized socials but what I found was hope.

A way for the voices that need to heard the most, the ones that have never had a place to speak, to exist forever. 

A way that we can actually re-calibrate incentive systems, redefine value, all through art and code.

A way to document history, from the viewpoints of everyone experiencing it. 

Blockchain, bitcoin, decentralization, crypto, are concepts I have had to break down heavily

And in this space I will do the same for you with decentralized d!ck

Square one. 

My first organized drop. as many of you know I have been obsessed with this tech. and also, doing everything humanly possibly to create bridges for people who are not crypto native, who dont have the funds to start.

This could change the world, but only if we create something where everyone has opportunity.

I have had to break down these concepts over and over, to understand them, to explain them, to better teach them, and to learn them.

The past year every single plan I have made, has fallen through.

spontaneity is also a defense mechanism. ]

and I am very adamant about not changing my art for a crowd.

That being said, I have learned that I need to ease people into concepts.

and so, I will break down decentralized d….

stay tuned…..

 I make dildo art, which when I started I never intended to impact people

what I learned was that it was a conversation that so many craved, that so many didn’t even know existed

And then one day it  disappeared. 

My voice, community, history deleted. Connections severed. 

And I am not the only one. 

There are so many people more important that I

Who else goes missing? Who’s voices do you need to hear, speaking on topics you do not even know exist? What could change your life

Abiding by TOS, s#x workers, activists, people receiving hate speech are deleted every day. 

The larger picture is to make this tech safe and accessible for EVERYONE, while also protecting communities engaging in it. 

In this new demographic, Ive had to start from square one.

The conversation is important. 

let this sink in… more soon….

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