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I posted my first peice of dickor art IG on march 10th 2019.I never intended to become a dildough artist, or expected the reaction to be so positive. The project has allowed me to learn so much, about myself, the world, and others. In the beginning, I was empowered, everything I was told I couldn’t say “as a girl” was suddenly “brilliant” as art. But it also opened my eyes to the lack of accessible sex education, and exposure to any sexual expression presented in any form besides the male gaze. I never cared about the numbers but the visibility was key in helping people accept themselves. My art is for the person who didn’t even know they needed to see it. This project isn’t about gender… gender is a construct, and so many of us are confined by constructs of society. And if we continue to oblige we perpetuate them. This year, I became increasingly concerned with the way that we are able to access, and consume information. A solution I was looking for before I was effected. And then In oct my IG account disappeared. No warnings. Pretty sure I got too poliDICKal. I follow every rule. I self censor, and still get flagged. We know the algorithms are created with “good intentions.” and I only see a fraction of humans who are unfairly effected… I was looking for decentralized socials, and in Jan I was introduced to NFTS. It wasn’t about just my art, but for all the people, who have a message, who don’t have anywhere their voice can be heard…Speaking about my art on clubhouse, I received more resistance than I ever have. My art is about the conversation, and I have been having the conversation repeatedly, understanding differences is so key to unity. I wondered if the difference in perception was because of the demographic on clubhouse / in crypto, because I was using my voice, a “female” voice talking about these issues, where prior it was just the images. When b33ples dick got removed, It was further reinforced that we need to destigmatize, deshame, and decentralize the D. I have been debating how to enter this space. Losing the history, the conversation, the evolution, and the connection was what hurt the most, and I feel like the progression is so important. That being said, my skills have improved, and most of my work was sold, so I wanted to remain fair to anyone who owns my art.  I will not change my art to make people comfortable, but what I will do is break things down in a way that people understand, so that we can grow together. So for the past few months I have been working on gathering the history, and making it digestible. This was and is adult arts and crafts And moving forward, we will be decentralizing the d

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