1. I am already putting way too much info on the internet… I DO NOT PUT METAMASK ON MY PHONE. CALL ME CRAZY BUT SIM SWAPPING AND AP PERMISSIONS THAT CAN ACCESS SO MUCH (seriously have y’all read tik toks new TOS THEY ARE COLLECTING BIOMETRIC INFORMATION) (hyper linked to a tik tok). If you have to use your phone, clear apps you don’t use, limit their permissions etc. but be smart). If you have an old device, consider making that one your crypto only device. Macs and PCS have diff recommended programs to keep you safe, so do your own research!
  2. yes everyone loves BTS info, but in that pic of your desk was there a bill with your address and full legal name on it? Is there an identifying landmark through the window that someone could show up where you live? How many emails do you have, and where have you entered them? The one connected to crypto stuff.. make sure you haven’t used it for other things. Even if it doesn’t directly connect you to
  3. YA THE HYPERLINKS ARE IRONIC BC YOU SHOULD NEVER CLICK RANDOM LINKS FROM THE INTERNET. I’VE SAID IT FROM DAY ONE. IF SOMEONE DMS ME FOR THE FIRST TIME AND ITS A LINK… I DON’T CARE IF ITS THE DOPEST NFT OR A LINK TO WIN A MILLION DOLLARS (that would probably be a scam). Why is it a private DM in our first interaction? SEEMS SUS. There are so many ways that people can gather your info, or send you shit that you probably don’t want. CLEAR YOUR COOKIES, BEWARE OF APS EVEN ON YOUR BROWSER. Look into brave browser, consider using a diff browser or device if possible for crypto vs other stuff you do, you can never be too safe
    DO NOT STORE IT ON YOUR NOTES, DO NOT STORE IT DIGITALLY – so of course you can write it down, there are other options as well that are more secure. you know yourself best if you think that this is something that you need * BILLFODL – a metal plate that has been tested with water & fire – you enter in the codes yourself *CRYPTOSTEELCAPSULE – sold by ledger, different format where you put the letters on a stick and store it in a capsule. * CRYPTOSTEEL – the original ( you can also probably find a ton on amazon, just make sure that you are able to enter the seed-phrase yourself, not submit it on line somewhere to print, that is a red flag…
  5. COLD STORAGE/ HARD WALLETS (LOL) LEDGER and TREZOR are the two most notable. ORDER DIRECTLY FROM THE MANUFACTURERS (not amazon). My ledger arrived with open packaging, ledger has steps you can go through to make sure that you are not hacked, THEY ALSO HAVE A WARNING ON THEIR SITE RIGHT NOW TO BEWARE OF SCAMS TARGETING PEOPLE WITH LEDGERS – do your due diligence.
  6. DISCONNECT FROM CONNECTED SITES WHEN YOU ARE DONE. is this overboard? MAYBE but it’s what I do so I can go to sleep at night. you do this by clicking the three little dots on the right side of your metta mask, then the last option… the little target sign at the bottom of the list.. click that (photos shown at the bottom of this post if you dont know how to do this….
  • Transfer all eth out immediatly
  • be vocal about it – community can help / it warns others
  • Get in contact with exchanges (dont click links from them via social media dms and they will not message you first, these are also common scams ), if they try and move off of somewhere they have KYC
  • The Government does have reporting links. IDK IF THEY WILL WORK BUT WORTH REPORTING!
  • contact NFT sites, on opensea you can change your wallet payout address
  • share the experience and help people learn

THEN YOU SEE WHAT YOU ARE CONNECTED TOO… HIT THE TRASH SIGN TO DISCONNECT (and you can reconnect next time you log in)

dont forget to share the knowledge,

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