A few updates & NIFTYKIT

  1. have been going down the smart contract rabbit hole. I really want that guide to be super comprehensive, so I promise, its coming
  2. I started a youtube channel, alot of people have been requesting this. Subbing would be nice so I can change my name. I will be putting everything here. As much as I love my art, I am proud of my art, and my art got me started on this journey, I am going to have a completely family friendly channel. Although my ART IS COMPLETELY SFW, I want this info to be viewable to all people all over the world. I will also be mitigating some of my guides to a new site… but in all honesty formatting this page has never been a priority to me. between trying to build a site for my project, learning enough solidity to make my own smart contract, making art, and teaching so many people this stuff, (+ trying to find a job in this space, fam stuff, the world reopening…) you get it
  3. anyways you can sub here – My guides are still all in the decentralized d category of this site.. youtube subs help

so anyways I have been down the smart contract rabbit hole. and ITS ALOT. I want to be able to give people accessible options, bc honestly the way that I have figured it out (which I will share) is def hard to make “4 dummys” and I acknowledge that people have lifes. SO ANYWAYS. Their site says that you can make your OWN custom smart contract, but also that you need to pay the subscription fee to be able to mint with them)

So I (being the inquisitive person that I am) hopped into their discord, they reached out immediately (so nice!) so I sent them a DM, as I was confused how could I get my own smart contract, but I would need to subscribe to mint.

(essentially you could just take the contract and mint on ETHERSCAN…)

Also bc I have been down the Testnet rabbit hole and OS has really specific metadata standards.. was curious about all of this…. even though I just really want to be able to help the avg. person make their own smart contract and understand the differences… SHOUTOUT TERENCE WHAT AN EPIC RESPONSE

like what, I totally kind of found a hole in their platform, and also they were like YES lets do a demo (I also said I would make a tutorial and that will be coming part two).

so anyways, I paid the $10.00 sub fee anyways bc THE HELP WAS SO EPIC.

and we did the demo (coming soon which is really awesome) –> but honestly the CEO and the DEV took a sunday to go through steps to get around using their platform which is pretty amazing.

as far as minting on NiftyKit, it is pretty easy, you can make an account for free and do some drafts.

I believe Matic minting is free, to make a smart contract on ETH is 250.00

shoutout to NiftKit for giving me a credit … bc… ATM I would not have been able to afford that for educational purposes but I really wanted to be able to show you guys this stuff. I will do a step by step guide later this week, though you basically fill in your collection info, and then your NFT info

I havn’t had a ton of time to make art recently, so I just made a random f*cking face bc that seems to be the full vibe of NFT twitter right now.

(this is actually an asset I used when minting on Etherscan but accidentally deleted all my screenshots.. but you can edit the images in app which could be convenient for people (the red drawing I did quick for this demo)

So anyways, it took about an hour for my contract to be ready to mint, I did, no gas fees! and then I could see it on opensea πŸ™‚

This was my first NFT – deployed with NiftyKit, and the created by NiftyKit is standard. The same thing happens when you mint via FDN, ZORA, KO, etc….

Then I went through minting via Etherscan… AND IT WORKED. I was also able to remove NiftyKit from the contract so that it was fully mine… (I will have a tutorial on this later this month with smart contracts for dummies, I def don’t think this is something that anyone starting out at NiftyKit needs to be able to do right away, but I wanted to make sure I could).

However, the same issue presented itself when I minted via Etherscan. It makes sense, but at the same time, this is something i feel strongly about for the future of this space.


once again the biggest shoutout to Terence at NK, who acknowledged this issue, and not only figured out how to fix it, but also is going to implement this in their next smart contract update!

HONESTLY THIS IS HUGE. And once again is not a GIANT issue, but I think when you are thinking about your own smart contract, establishing provenance and self sovereignty these small details may become relevant

OKAY BUT BACK TO THE NFT, which I just listed, you have the choice to price in ETH or USD. Yall know how I feel about fiat on ramps, but also acknowledging that this is a part of the biz side of all of this. NiftyKit takes 10%. Higher than OS, but in all honestly, depending on how much you are minting, bc they cover gas fees, $10 + 10% may make sense.

you can find my listing here, also it takes up to 30 min to mint, and when you go through the pricing process you don’t sign anything in metamask. SO this really is a solution for someone who may not be totally comfortable interacting with the blockchain yet

https://app.niftykit.com/collections/vHZtgN6WMPYRxszdFr8M. –> if ya wanna grab the first token on my NIFTYKIT CONTRACT πŸ™‚



  • Team that cares
  • Team that is super responsive
  • ETH or Polygon
  • Carbon Offset
  • Fiat onramp (depending how you feel)
  • Can make your own token
  • gas fees are covered
  • takes 10%
  • NK Mints also show up on Opensea
  • $10.00 a month subscription
  • one time fee for smart contract

Things to be aware of: Secondary sales not supported (but you can set secondaries in Opensea collection where many secondary’s take place)

You are not signing off in Metamask, so things are not instant

No way to make multiples at the moment

No way to add metadata, though I have not tried adding full metadata via etherscan, that is on my list for smart contracts for dummys guide – but right now that is not avail on NiftyKit. However, if you are not doing a project with traits, not the end of the world

NIFTYKIT IS DOING A BIG CONTRACT UPDATE (addressing alot of what I discussed) so stay tuned for the demo when that is live and if you are a square one collector or WTFIT collector be sure to check my channels in dixcord / discord.art <3 <3 <3

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