I wish y’all knew me when I was fun….. but this year has put me through it. This weekend I was feeling hope for the first time in a long time. It wasn’t immediate, but… I could feel the energy becoming more positive. I manifested to wake up happy… Then I got one of the 3 worst case scenario calls. But anyways… the one thing that has been giving me true joy is the Four Seasons Landscaping Saga.

(My fake interview for those of you not on my socials — yes i’m the queen of overdoing everything but its just so funny every time)

Why do I love the fact that this press conference was held at a landscape store next to a sex store and across from the crematorium? Because it is the most REAL thing we have seen in any of the “fake news.” Like seriously every article this year has seemed to come from a sadistic version of the onion.
But this one. This was real news. No-one called it fake news. And Fake news has not even dreamed up something so ridiculous.

But this. It is perfect. Humans interfering with nature, sexual frustration, and death. The three guarantees of current life in 2020. Poetic.

(In my mind sexual frustration is broader than just physically, but the pause of natural intimate relationships, rights for the LQBTQ+ community etc)

Now this is America.

I guess its a good thing Team T didnt do this prior (we love to see the support of small businesses but – as you can tell I am very anti Trump and that would have humanized him too well) 

What have we learned in 2020 (okay way more than I can fit in one post..) more than humans effect on nature is detrimental not only to plants and animals, but human survival as well. And of course, who could forget DT’s proclamation of “California just needs to clean their forests.” No shade the the landscaping business, which I am sure does its part to keep plants healthy, but the parallels here are unmatched. (Insert combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell * you will only understand this if you are on tik tok* here).

Across the street, is fantasy island bookstore. Obviously Im pro sex toys. Im pro sex work. And due to isolation from covid, all we (single people) have is the fantasies of one day being able to get intimate with someone other than ourselves.

And (ESP in light of everything going on in the world) we need to NORMALIZE sexuality. unintentionally, this is the whole point of my project. (The fact that art on a dildo could have over 5000 shares (most did), is wild. Not because (biased) the art and the puns are top notch, but because it was truly that shocking to people.  While I know that is a bit out there, the conversations I had surrounding the topic have been eye opening. The reactions made me think about sexuality, stigma, shame, and feminism in a way i had never before. 

It made me wonder why people were SO shocked to see art on a Dildo. After all, ancient art was not shy of displaying unclothed male genetalia. And today, what is considered a “female body” is objectified across art, media, advertising. It is so normalized. It is cool to admire a female body. By both males and females alike. 

​Yet a dildo is SO shocking??

There is so much shame placed on females for expressing their sexuality (yall may have been around for the cuties convo on my old page I guess this post is literally just setting myself up for other posts). Yet, most females are never taught that masturbation is normal, how to do it. And instead of being taught, they are shamed when it is discussed in the wrong setting. There is alot we need to change about America and education, and how we equate to females and sexuality is one of those things. 

Knowledge is power- and the lack of accurate & educational material is mindblowing. (So like lmk which one of these statements you want me to elaborate on first? IVE BEEN QUARENTINED FOR 8 months- I have alot of thoughts…)

So anyways this started off with the fact that the one thing bringing me true joy is how poeDIC the four seasons total landscaping situation is. Also I love that it brought biz to a local, family owned sex shop!!! and also alot of other themes that I want to dive into – def lmk if there is more you want to know about!!!

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