I just deleted so much content. so much content that I sacrificed so much to be able to post. This is an attack and its not fair. but I refuse to give up. anyways… keeping happy moments here

I love this photo. And after the conversations I had following my post yesterday; I felt compelled to share it. At other points in my life, I would have been told not to post this picture, that’s it’s unprofessional. Some people probably see this, and think that. But, professionalism isn’t a look, it’s an attitude. It’s about knowing when to be proactive and when to be reactive. It’s about handling your responsibilities and making sure you are doing everything in your power to make the situation at hand possible. It’s making good decisions, being respectful and so much more. All of this, happens through your brain, something that can never be displayed in full through images. and certainly not something counteracted by skin. This day, I jumped in a shoot I didn’t anticipate on being in, to help make art. I shouldn’t even have to feel the need to justify this. It’s sad people do. In an industry where your career and your life are so intertwined, remember to do things for you, do right by your work, and anything else… do as YOU please. People who truly respect you will do so because of the interactions that are relevant. No one and nothing external should dictate how you live YOUR life. And ya this photo is badass and a reminder of the strong women I know who are continuously changing the game @csythes@lovesquish

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