All the World’s A Cage

All the worlds a cage

And all the men and women are merely players

They have their exits and their entrances


SO butterflies, moths and birds were up there with the list of requested fears. I saw a bird cage and for some reason this shakesphere I had to memorize has always stayed in my head. But the world doesn’t even feel like a stage at the moment. It feels like a cage. 

Or I guess it could be a big f*cking horror movie. 

Anyways sorry for not posting frequently – I have about 1000 notes and I feel like I keep cycling through the same topics and then I just get scared of saying anything. (So yeah I guess im incorporating my fears into all of yours but thats just the lens I see the world in right now — also ADHD thing who knew that relating isn’t empathy…)


Biologically it makes sense to be scared of flying things. But, a dove is a symbol of peace. Birds and butterflies seem so free. 

I have so many thoughts right now and am so overwhelmed — scrubbing all my socials — and the overwhelming pain of being censored (unfairly) and knowing that there are so many others who feel the same (yes okay I did get to this lmao for editing this a week later)

In a year where we have already felt cut off from everything (for me at least … not seeing people is new and hard and I don’t have a pod) I have had to deal with alot of stuff and I am not the fun friend right now. SO part of me gets that no-one want to include me. The other part is just like.. it so inhumane to know someone is suffering bc – the longer without ppl the harder its going to be to “assimilate” 

To lose an online community & rebuild in a time where people have zero space for something new.  To be pushed in a v small circle of not the ideal audience (and no im not ungrateful for anyone here but to get unsolicited DPS in my DMs every day drives me insane). to go from every post having over 100 comments to – not even 100 likes on every photo – makes me want to give up. Its not about the numbers – but the coolest thing about it was how it normalized things …. 

But its not only that… its the implications of what goes further… but I will save this for a better post tomorrow (okay now i remember why this is a draft)

FUN FACT ABOUT BUTTERFLIES. and also something that may subconsciously cause fear… monarch butterflys make the same migration pattern every year even tho there is no return “flight”. HOW DO THEY JUST KNOW WHERE TO GO

I still need google maps and f*ck it up when trying to drive to somewhere I have been before. 

So then I guess thats either encouraging or terrifying the way you look at it (trying to bring some positivity here – but goes with the whole free will convo)

On a lighter note- the dove is a symbol of peace. wings are freedom…. and caterpillars turning into butterflies shows that change is beautiful, going inwards sometimes is okay and what you need, to evolve. So I hope this year (or however long) inside does flow to a true freedom that we have ever experienced, where we fly to new heights

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