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sick of saying free speech lol

Idk what even bc I started writing this so part 1 of the questions I get asked 50000 times a day

** sidetone I started typing this a week before my clubhouse ban **

Okay – I am so sick of repeating this. Not because I don’t think it is important, but because it is so taxing on me to explain. I have gone through this 15 times today. And probably every day since I started paying attention to this convo in May. (Prior to this heavily effecting me, and guess what, at some point it will effect YOU too). Am I putting myself at risk by putting this online?

Probably, but I will continue to sacrifice my reach to highlight issues of free speech? 1000000%

Of course.  the irony…

IDK where exactly I was going with that but I will do best to sum up now.

The first amendment is to protect citizens from being silenced by the GOVERNMENT. Being suppressed on social media, and algorithmic biases that very much mirror the systemic issues in society are a huge issue. BUT having your content or platform removed is not a VIOLATION OF THE FIRST AMENDMENT. Yeah we get down to the nitty gritty and all of the CG are pushed bc of legislation… but thats what you get for asking for increased liability from platforms…!=

That being said… 1 year into a pandemic where the only way we can communicate is through social media (and no I don’t think big tech has too much power.. I wonder why we have to rely on social media for everything) not being able to speak on socials is a bigger issue than one would think.


FIRST: What happens when you get de platformed? Besides losing all of your moments, memory’s, history, conversations, and direct line of communication?

When I lost my art IG, it wasn’t my priority. It was submitted through the portal etc, (and yes I have access that others do not). Since I have never had a warning, have been able to repost all my images, and they still live on FB + other pages, I am pretty sure I got reported by trump supporters lol.

So I started reposting, kind of a lost cause, but the friends I made through that page were really the ones that carried me through the pandemic (shoutout Jane Jett). I read every CG 10,000 times. All over my feeds were glaring examples of violations, and then I started to get increasingly annoyed. 

My project has a message and it is – that it Is OKAY to talk about these things. SO I’m not really trying to change my message bc suddenly IG said nah…

THEN came the Dec c 20th oddly specific changes. And I have 100001 ways they are applied unfairly. And more anxiety about the stuff that I just posted … do I need to delete it (which also harms you in algorithms). 

BC no human could possibly moderate other platforms, and I know I have a glaring red strike no matter what I do, I am super by the books. ART used to be specifically protected (what defines art? – another post) but its not anymore

And for the last time.. as far as s3x related stuff, my art is art. DISPLAY ONLY. And lets be real we know I get poliDICKal (though, the loss of all my work what is the complete body?). 

Miller v. California, 413 U.S. 15 (1973)

The Miller case developed a three-part test that supplanted the earlier Roth standard and widened the scope for what material could be deemed obscene.  Under the Miller test, the court must consider:

  • whether the average person, applying contemporary community standards, would find that the work, taken as a whole, appeals to the prurient interest;
  • whether the work depicts or describes, in a patently offensive way, sexual conduct or excretory functions specifically defined by applicable state law; and
  • whether the work, taken as a whole, lacks serious literary, artistic, political or scientific value. 

BUT THIS IS WHY I ASK PEOPLE TO USE G RATED LANGUAge. To not message me with every other phallic symbol on my main page. I dont use the eggplant or peach emoji, bc yes THOSE COULD GET YOU BANNED. THATS HOW INSANE IT GETS. I DONT DO CUSTOM ORDERS OVER DMS. I take it off platforms. I dont even spell out the word dill dough even tho ppl do… Once you are flagged by whatever system, there is no redemption. SO FOR THE LAST TIME NO IM NOT CONSIDERING OF for my art. I CANT MARKET THAT. I CANT LIKE TO IT. THERE IS NO DISCOVERY THERE. AND MY ART IS FOR THE PERSON WHO DOESNT EVEN KNOW THEY NEED THE MESSAGE.

how much context are these apps taking in? Not many. you will see smaller pages getting flagged for stuff that lives on larger pages, or vice versa.


As there becomes more attention on crypto, I fear regulation. And I have been preaching this so we can protect ourselves now. From day one of hearing about NFTs, I took two weeks to even download coinbase (which I kind of regret).

And as much as I hate capitalism and money, it speaks over everything. It drives policy. AND when the whole point of crypto is to achieve self sovereignty, I don’t see how the governments are just going to turn a blind eye to the participation in it. 

Money drives everything and protecting minors is the message used so that we dont question legislation. 

I OBVIOUSLY CARE ABOUT PROTECTING MINORS. BUT most laws set up to do so, actually harm them (SISEA is a great example). THERE IS ALOT MORE THAT SHOULD / COULD BE DONE to actually protect minors IMO

So just like anyone who even mentions OF, Only fans, or posts a link can immediately be removed, I fear linking to crypto based sites will one day be the same, unless we can set up precautions that comply with the systems we live in now – which seems daunting to say the least. For anyone who has had issues- they look at ervery detail. they dont want to accidently communicate with someone underage or anything, even if the conent is harmless.

Look at tik toks CG. Crypto could be categorized under this.

I will do two deep dives into 1) ways to protect yourself and lil things that get flagged that are not harmful regarding politics, adult themes, and s3xuality (ya did you know g@y has been considered a hate word?)

and one where I think we can start with crypto (tryna set up IPFS….)

but anyways this is all I thinkk about bc its all I see. I want to explain it less….

hopefully this helps

also yeah minting some NFTS playing with this

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