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If you have heard me on clubhouse or anywhere or read anything. I talk about respecting CG, the implications, keeping all communities safe. 

ALSO if you wanna HELP RT this or respond tagging clubhouse too if you feel compelled.

MY ART PROJECT is to reduce shame and stigma surrounding s3xuality thats expressed in any form deviating from the the male gaze. I am so grateful to clubhouse. It has given me hope for the first time. Discovering blockchain / NFTS has allowed me to see a feasible solution for so many problems.…. To a point where I have completely focused on educating others and bringing them in.  Don’t get me wrong, no system is there yet. But the diversity in people who have access to this tech could get us there….

We sold a CH screenshot and I have helped 7 people open stores ( they are all paying ir forward or buying peoples first pieces). I have bought so many ppl I met on CH first mint bc I want everyone to be encouraged about the community and vibe. I always preach playing by the rules… that being said… CG on CH and it is an 18+ app.

Convos around this piece are triggering – but I have them anyways. It is also weird.. because this was one of my first pieces. I have sold 5 physical variations to men….( always interesting in new algo circles who reacts in what ways…has the world changed? or the people interacting with my content….

I always want to respect people. But why does this get removed in discords or telegrams as a precaution, that have art on the naked female form or robots f*cking?

AND LOOK – im cool with people doing what makes them comfortable … Society hasn’t allowed us to see any other human form as art… ( Insert sarcastic tone here and art history rant that I will safe for another day…) I never want to make people uncomfortable, I just want to ask these questions .. to expand the way that people think…

THE OG IMAGE STILL LIVES ON THE OG FB PAHE FROM JULY 2019. I had stopped sharing my stuff to FB

but like ITS STILL ON FB.

this week on cH has been * annoying * but also amazing… bc conversations have been productive….Why are you telling me to make an lonely flans sight for my art? NOTHING against that … but Im trying to be on the blockchain. RAREPEENS were trending on rarible on the front page…. but youre saying you love my art but are scared of judgement?

^^ thats what I want to destroy.

ART is not meant to be loved by everyone. In my opinion anyways. A strong reaction means people are thinking. Even if they don’t get it right away, maybe it will expand their mind…  

My auction ends in 3 hours, and I havn’t promoted it really … bc these convos came first. (06:09 PST)

IF it speaks to someone, I can’t do physical for less than listed, but I will happily re list when it ends at a price u can afford. I need all my stuff on the blockchain now. So my history, my story, my experiences can not be removed. AND SO MANY PEOPLE NEED THIS NOW AS WELL (hence my priority being understanding and educating)And the clubhouse situation today makes me even more encouraged to keep going. IN THIS WAY.  If I do get a bid of 1 ETH, I will be able to help at least 3 more people open stores on opensea. Anything over 1, half will go to either getting peoples first peice of art or opening people’s stores… People who also have lost their platforms, or dont even have the ability to start in this space… the people who need it the most…

that image has lived on FB for years, IG for years, passes every AI test (in tweet and posted yesterday…)

I’m published in Vice as an artist… 

This- is the impact my art has made. I learn from every conversation, ones I would have never had if I had not started the project. It may not be relevant to you. But there are so many people that need the message. and it doesnt always need to be hidden. it just needs to be normalized

CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL OUTLINE ARTICLE – we never talked. she got my whole point – from the messages – (ppl on my old page saw this before) and once again just more context if you are still confused. this is the important it stuff. this is the diff I want to make…)




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