IT is freedom.

and im never gonna get off clubhouse long enough to be as eloquent abou this, plus I have explained the story, and since people cant even read my full clubhouse bio to find a guide which i have done months of research to write … my hopes arent high for this

that being said.

I make art on d!ldos. I started in 2019, they are sculptures. the first was a mushroom… one day ill put the image on the blockchain….. they range from lighthearted puns to polidickal statements to my views on society….

My whole life I have always been told not to do things because they will be harder because I am a girl. The first time I remember hearing this was an informational interview with a female sports agent before I went to college. I majored in sports management, and one time working an event…I got called in by a female exec. I was the only girl on the team and was dressed according to dress code. She said “nothing is wrong with what you are wearing, but because you’re a girl and it’s always going to be different, maybe wear pants.” 

I was always referred to as “one of the guys”

When I started work in LA & the music industry, it was always asked, how do deal with being a female in the space. My answer was always … im a qualified human…. (this is deeper I know and not meant to offend anyone- I just didnt see why it should be so called out…)

I have always been s3x positive, I have always been , frankly because it shouldn’t be shamed. I know the privilege that I have being able to do so, but that being said, it has not come without consequence.

UNTIL oct 2020, when to my knowledge I got mass reported by T#ump supporters bc my art has NEVER BEEN FLAGGED FOR N#DITY, I have gotten a ton of peoples pages back, was submitted through the partner portal etc. THe F#cking internet said no… and thats how I found the blockchain

If you are not aware of the male gaze,

the perspective of a notionally typical heterosexual man considered as embodied in the audience or intended audience for films and other visual media, characterized by a tendency to objectify or sexualize women.

and look – all bodies are beautiful. Humans are beautiful. all expression is art. and females / anyone who is not a straight man, can not express their desires in the same way…. its fru

coming into the NFT space has been interesting. In the same threads where people are posting art that includes female bodys, s#xual imagery etc, I have been told my links are being deleted and to make an OF or to go to spankchain…

so 1) no one suggest that … you CANNOT market OF links. I have NOTHING against those sites, but s3x educators, and art that includes anything controversial or political should not be put in the same spaces as that….even on a legality level….


I don’t blame that, but I want people to think about it… we are so shocked by seeing this part

( yet we live in a society where it is so heavily valued… )

why is it so hard for people to see art on this medium?

(and yes I am the first person to make sculptures on d!ldos. its not real… its not encouraging use…. but … IT IS IMPORTANT FOR PPL 2 LEARN THAT PLEASURE IS FOR ALL. IF SOMETHING DOESN’T FEEL RIGHT …


I dont expect everyone to like it

I dont expect everyone to understand it

but I damn well will forever try and make a point with it, I have learned so much through it

I have NOTHING against e*plicit content, but it is ALREADY hard enough to get visibility with new accounts …. And GC have changed again. I do care about protecting communities

but at the end of the day – kids learn this word at the age of 2 o3 3. I have other posts talking about the lack of accessibility to s#x education in america.

Alot less bad things would happen if people were comfortable with all parts… this is a quick ramble bc yes im on clubhouse

BUT WHY R U SO SCARED OF a D!CK when the world revolves around it!?

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