Based off of your deep and Dark fears

we are creating some epic Christmas souvenirs.

For this wondrous vision we need you all to share

we are creating from what makes you scared!

When we started talking about this, our initial “worst nightmares” we were joking. I initially wanted to to start with a custom for Dildo Nightmares

The nightmare before Dickmas pun is one thats been on my to-dick list for a while… yes.. I know… I am quite literally the worst. BUT this year in its entirety has been a complete nightmare before Christmas.  In a year where half the world seems to be gaslit by the the other half that is seemingly unaffected except when it comes to the way others protect themselves (okay Im talking about America)…masks, and lockdowns, should we even ask this?

How have our nightmares changed? Never touching a human again, never making a random, genuine in person connection, being alone forever, dying alone, not being able to see your loved ones again.  Those would have all been “irrational” fears prior to 2020. And – getting a deadly virus from doing an errand, passing it on to everyone you love, potentially changing someones life forever, not saying goodbye to your loved ones every single time you leave the house would have been considered “crazy” two years ago.

Would people share actual nightmares? weird phobias? was it okay to ask? And would the events of 2020 completely overshadow any other phobias that existed before…. 

The first answer that I got on my IG, was old white men and Donald trump…. (F 2020!) 

But then we started getting some more classic – spiders, snakes, deep water, needles, demons, clowns. As some “stranger ones” came pouring in, (I say this bc these were accompanied by “I know this is weird…” or idk why….” when we compared answers from my IG, DN IG, and tik tok (seemingly very different audiences….) Not one person had a unique fear. 

(Im actually tallying these up – so stay tuned). I started to google the roots of fears – common fears, and WHILE I DON’T HAVE FINAL NUMBERS YET… I am super curious to see how ours line up…Its also interesting how so many relate

Will knowing the roots of your fear help you?

Or validate it and make it even worse ?

Ill put a fear warning on these if the second rings true 🙂 

Spiders was prob the #1 answer… and I was shocked to learn this is much more common in North America and with people from European descent… 

Anyways.. WHILE THE EVENTS IN ANCIENT ITALY ARE PRESUMED TO BE MASS HYSTERIA NOT CAUSED BY A SPIDER BITE… documentation from the time chronicles a reaction to spider bites where the only cure was music… and dancing… 

(Insert antidote by SHM here)

And yes we have had enough pandemic for a lifetime but … IDK maybe everyone out clubbing is confused?

Anyways .. feel free to let me know your fears through the weekend – 

PART 2 Monday!

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